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Exit Glacier from bottom

Seward,  a few hours south of Anchorage, is a common port-of-call for the cruise lines. It has the fantastic Alaska SeaLife Center, both interesting and educational. Here’s a tip – You can call the SeaLife Center and ask them when the cruise ships are coming. You probably don’t want to visit SeaLife when there’s a ship in port.

The city-run campground, right on the waterfront is a lovely place for tent camping or RV parking. Nearby is the Exit Glacier (shown above) which has two different trails. The upper viewpoint is a much more challenging hike.

Seward likes to bill itself as the Mural Capital of Alaska. Every year, they sponsor another mural on their streets about all things Alaska. We had a fun time one rainy day trying to find all of the murals. I don’t think we succeeded in photographing all of them, but here’s what we saw


3 thoughts on “Seward Alaska Murals

  1. What a wonderful life you two have built.
    I envy your fortitude and bravery to “chuck it all” and live freely.

    1. We’d say that your lifestyle is pretty awesome also. Come to Mexico, where we are now, we can certainly show you around.

  2. I’ll echo Gilbert’s remarks — your lifestyle is to be envied!
    It’s nice to read from your blog — enjoyed the pics too. An especially nice touch was including the Raven story about the Sun, Moon and Stars. All the best to you both. – Cheers, Ray

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