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Author: Ivan

Day of the Dead 2022

Well, we’re back again (maybe), with a Video-Blog instead of long text articles for now. With the pandemic “over” (if you can call it that!), we returned to the Day of the Dead Capital of the ...

Pandemic Pandemonium

By the time we left Mexico in February of 2020, we already had news of the novel coronavirus in China. We mused aloud whether this might be the pandemic for which the world was statistically overdue. ...

Food! Food! Food!

We attended the 3rd annual Encuentro Oaxaca, a food festival that introduces everyone to the variety of indigenous dishes in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. Play the video for a “taste”.

Independence Day Mexico Style

September 15 is Independence Day in Mexico. It’s celebrated with lots of fireworks and parties. Our RV park in Oaxaca had drinks, dinner and a mariachi band!