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Alaska Landscapes on the way to McCarthy

Driving Alaska, every stretch of road rewards the gaze with another life-affirming landscape. Traveling south on the Richardson Highway from Tok, we saw dark clouds brooding over the increasingly larger mountains of the Wrangells chain. Alaska is a place of incredible mountain vistas, decaying glaciers, swift rivers and crystal lakes. It is a place where ancient gods argue, make love, create destiny, oblivious to us mortals.

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6 thoughts on “Alaska Landscapes on the way to McCarthy

  1. Glad to see you are enjoying Alaska. It looks beautiful. I am taking the RV to FL go the winter months. Hope to meet up with you there.

    1. You read Deb’s comment and learned more English! We miss you too. Someday we’ll go back to Israel, although we might be over 100 years old by then, ha ha ha. You will have to join us on the road 🙂

  2. oh dear friend

    simply – i miss you

    in your loving way you make my life richer
    you take me along
    for short walk…

    I love you.
    you color my dreams of traveling

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