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Santa Teresa Neighborhood of Rio

One very charming neighborhood, or bairro (pronounced buy-ho), of Rio de Janeiro is Santa Teresa. Situated on a hill not far from the city center, it has amazing vistas of Rio and the bay.

A tram that connects the city center to Santa Teresa was built in the late 1800s. With its iconic yellow tram cars, it has become something of a symbol of both Rio and the bairro itself. It fell into a state of disrepair and together with some fatal accidents, it was closed. The residents of Santa Teresa protested until the government agreed to restore the line. Today, you can take a ride on at least part of it.

Perhaps because the views are amazing, perhaps because the location is so convenient, Santa Teresa has been a rather bohemian center hosting artists, actors and writers. It’s understandable. There isn’t a better place where one can enjoy a coffee or a beer above the din and dust of the city itself, and yet be so close.




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