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To All Our Friends, Happy New Year

Rio de Janeiro floats a beautiful Christmas tree on Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. Below is a very short video we took one night.

You will no doubt recognize the background music, but perhaps you didn’t know that composer Vince Guaraldi became famous because of the B-side of a single that was inspired by the Academy Award-winning film Orpheu Negro, or Black Orpheus. The film was a retelling of a Greek tale that director Marcel Camus set in Rio’s famous Carnival week. Inspired by the film, Guaraldi wrote a bossa nova single. As luck would have it, the B-side of that single won him a Grammy and the chance to compose music for Charlie Brown. We think Vince would’ve appreciated the connection from our images of Rio.

We wish you a peaceful, healthy and prosperous year.
Peace and Love,
Deena and Ivan

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