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A peculiar thing about the butchers in Cape Town, South Africa is that after you make your purchase, they’ll cook it for you to eat in or take out. One particular place that has become an icon over the years is Mzoli’s Meat.

Mzoli’s is located in the township (Gugulethu) which is not the safest place in Cape Town. However, on Sunday, groups of tourists and merrymakers descend on Mzoli’s for the BBQ, the DJ and the party atmosphere. Bring your friends, bring your beer, bring your rum and punch, because everything other than meat is BYO. Don’t forget the plates, napkins and wet wipes either.

The safest way to do this is to hire a driver to drop you off out front and pick you up afterwards. Some local tour companies offer a township trip with a Mzoli’s lunch stop. We used Uber both ways. We didn’t wander too far from the crowded store and patio but the township is the place to have your hair plaited if you could somehow choose among their unique and imaginative designs.

As for the food, we’ve certainly had better bbq. South Africans seem to have a love affair with sugar and the Mzoli’s sauce reflected that preference. The meat was middling and over cooked. Perhaps well done is best though, considering the sanitary conditions. It’s not about the meal, after all;  it’s about the experience!

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