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YAW = Yet Another Waterfalls

Is it possible to see too many waterfalls?

When we were backpacking in Brazil through the Chapada Diamantina, there were beautiful clear streams tumbling down the mountains. There were waterfalls everywhere.

We had already seen the western hemisphere’s tallest free fall waterfall. We were lucky enough to be there when an updraft created a double rainbow for us. We’d already swam in the clear pools at the bottom, or top, of some. After a few days, we were just not motivated to go off the planned hike to see yet another waterfall.

Nevertheless, when we were in Costa Rica, we went to La Paz Waterfalls. It was water tumbling down from volcanic mountains, shaded by lush growth allowing the filtered light to create shafts of mist.LaPazGardens_5787c

In another part of the downward stream, there was a side waterfalls like a mother and baby.LaPazGardens_5800

Bored of waterfalls? I guess not. Each one is a unique child of nature. We’re all human and yet so different in culture and from each other. Diversity makes the world so interesting.


2 thoughts on “YAW = Yet Another Waterfalls

  1. For me, I will never see enough waterfalls. I enjoy even the simple waterfall and pond in the backyard. To add, I enjoy natural hot springs, especially if it requires a hike to get there.

    1. It’s true, right? There’s something so beautiful about every waterfall. Hot springs reminds me of Costa Rica. Right off the road (and next to the commercial hot springs pools that you pay for) is the “poor man’s hot springs”. Walk down a little way from the road and you can sit in the hot river and natural hot pools for free.

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