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About the Bus Ride to Jaco Beach: Good News and Bad News

First, the bad news. There’re enough stories on the Interwebs about tourists being robbed on the bus in Costa Rica to make one cautious. As cautious as we were, the bus driver and his companion opened our luggage while it was under the bus and robbed Deena’s shoes. They were Keens and the only pair of comfortable, hot weather walking shoes she brought.

Since we were watching the luggage compartment, it was a pretty slick trick. They must have done it while the bus was loading and probably from the other side of the bus. The thieves don’t take the whole checked baggage because then the bus driver would be responsible. If they remove something from your luggage, you won’t notice until later and then it’s too late to report it. It’s a shame both that they feel so poor that they rob their passengers, and also that they ruin their country’s reputation for such a small sum.

The good news is that we got there in time for a Pacific coast sunset and happy hour. The next day, Deena found a new pair of Keens in this little town that fit perfectly. We’re back in the walking business!

CR_Jaco_5415 CR_Jaco_5420_01


2 thoughts on “About the Bus Ride to Jaco Beach: Good News and Bad News

  1. the hotel….pueblo real…..which i used to own is outside of quepos, which is north of jaco. jaco is an older developed beach. have fun. love david

    1. We are heading in the direction of Quepos after the weekend, but we’re going to stay right in Manuel Antonio which is a little past that. We hear SoFla a little cold this week? Stay warm, love, Deena & Ivan

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