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Tag: Taiwan

Kenting National Park Caves

There are few places in the world where you’d feel safer on the street than in Taiwan. They have a low crime rate. Taiwan is one of the most hazardous places to live, though, if you ...

Photobombing the Class Picture

We had just entered the Kenting National Park in Taiwan when a group of kids on a field trip was heading back to the bus and taking class pictures. Can you find Waldo.. er, me? It’s ...

Jiayaoshui Coast

On the south-eastern coast of Taiwan, there’s an area famous for it’s alien beachscape of water-eroded rocks.  The sight of this lone fisherman reminded me of a typical Norman Rockwell painting.

We Squawk and Lay an Egg – How Else to Communicate?!

We’re often asked how we can talk to people if we don’t speak Chinese. We gesticulate wildly! We pronounce words tediously slowly in English though I don’t think that helps at all. I think it’s the pantomiming that does ...