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Month: June 2014

2 Tips for Reducing Stress

The very first time that I encountered “organization” as a cultural facet was in Germany. I was visiting there in 2002, and in the grocery store I passed a shopping cart in which the items were ...

Japan Does So Many Things Right, Part 2

Where else in the world would city employees straighten out the row of parked bicycles on the street?

Fireflies and Waterfalls and Beers! Oh My!

Although Osaka starts at sea level, it is surrounded by mountains. Numerous hikes, both easy and challenging, are quickly and inexpensively reached by the great Japanese train system. One easy and fun hike is Minoo Park Waterfalls. We took an ...

Japan Does So Many Things Right, Part 1

A reporter once asked Gandhi what he thought of Western Civilization and he wittily replied “I think it would be a good idea.” Having been in places of the world where the systems and infrastructures are broken, ...